We know that most jazz cruise guests purchase both an Internet Plan and one of the various Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic Beverage Options.
This combination is so popular that we call them “Cruise Essentials.” Rather than purchasing these items separately,
we have created ways for you to purchase Cruise Essentials quickly and economically before you board the ship.


Surf..no streaming..one-device
unlimited internet package for 7 day voyage

$50 Onboard Credit

To be used for any onboard
purchase or service

Beverage Option

Choose from Classic or Premium Alcohol
and Non-Alcohol Beverage Option

The price of your Cruise Essentials will vary based upon the Beverage Option you select. But in all cases, the savings will be significant.

Each guest may elect to purchase Cruise Essentials that best fits their desires.
Cabinmates do not have to make the same selection, in fact, a cabinmate may elect to not make a selection at all.